To provide a memorable multimedia sensory experience that captures and highlights the numerous events and activities that our clients and their guests take part in during their 5-7 day recognition trips. The 30-minute production, comprised of video and still images of the attendees, weaved amidst creative graphics and upbeat music, is traditionally shown on a 40 foot screen at the farewell dinner.

It provides a moving group experience that punctuates the spectacular location, serves as a visual log of the exciting events and activities provided to the participants in recognition of all their hard work, and affords participants an opportunity to see themselves on the “big screen.”

The motive for creating such an elaborate production is to provide unique and significant recognition of up to 400 people in a way that is both entertaining and meaningful. This multimedia presentation celebrates their accomplishments with first class incentive programs that provide memories for a lifetime.

In addition to the multimedia production, DVD’s of the multimedia production and customized 5 x 7 photo albums are provided to each qualifier before they depart so they can return with momentos of their experience that they can treasure for years to come.





Scenic images of the venue where participants will be staying must be shot during a 4-day pre-event photo and video shoot, which require three staff. During this time photographs, video footage, and panoramic images intended to “wow” the audience are to be obtained so that the beauty and splendor of the destination can be showcased. No other company will be able to provide the panoramic scenics that sprawl across the large screen, because one of the key photographers of Woodstock Multimedia owns the patent on the equipment.

To satisfy the need to inspire and to provide memorable entertainment, requires finesse, creativity and careful attention to extensive pre-production systems that include story-boarding, brainstorming, and considerable client consultation. A typical show incorporates five to seven distinct sections that might include motivational business segments, comedy, spouse recognition, sports activities, scenic splendor, talent competitions, or even a prominent company theme.

Video footage and photography of general session meetings are always included in the final night presentation. Careful attention to the pace, graphical treatments and choice of soundtrack all contribute to merging the business component of the trip into the realm of entertainment.

Special effects might include blending the video footage of people with animation, extravagant graphic treatments, morphing, chroma-key segments and live aerial shoots of events. Outboard effects such as pyrotechnics, laser / light shows, confetti, giant inflatables and live music soundtracks have all been incorporated into these shows to ensure that every individual leaves the ballroom that night with a sense of awe.

These effects obviously require an enormous amount of pre-planning and pre-production by a skilled staff of animators, graphic artists, video editors, audio engineers, musicians and producers. For every one man-hour of production time spent on location approximately twenty will be spent in pre-production.


On Location:

Every effort must be made to put as many participants in the show as possible, paying particular attention to prevent one individual or couple from appearing more than the others. This type of monitoring and editing requires several full time staffers.

The challenge of identifying attendees, interacting with them in a friendly yet respectful manner to obtain photos and video footage from them requires having a recognizable, production staff that is familiar with the client and service providers. By obtaining lists of attendees in advance and utilizing an archive of images shot on previous trips, the identification process can be streamlined. This type of streamlining is useful to not only our production team but to the travel staff in general.

Close communication with the meeting planner is essential and no effort can be spared to insure that all of the video footage and photographs that are included in the onscreen production are tasteful, complementary, and make each individual proud to appear in the program.

The task of obtaining the video footage and photographs necessary for the show from attendees while ensuring that they thoroughly enjoy the experience is an art form in itself. This has been accomplished by utilizing the same group of talented photographers, videographers and production assistants for many years. Over time these individuals have become recognizable, familiar and friendly with many returning trip winners. It’s not uncommon for attendees to consider one or more of our photographers / videographers as their personal favorites and to request their services by name. Of course it’s a fine line between professionalism and friendliness on the part of production staff. We’ve learned over the years to always err on the side of professionalism - get the shot, exchange brief pleasantries and on to the next subject.

The edit process on location is also eased by the use of the same talented staff over the course of years. Individual faces become recognizable ensuring maximum attendee inclusion in the show and also that no critical individual will be inadvertently omitted.




To create a custom, hand bound photo album for each attendee (and their guest) containing a minimum of ten scenic images of the trip locale and ten individual studio-quality images of themselves at venues during the trip.

To provide a take-away remembrance of the trip that can be shared with others, become treasured keepsakes that document the travels that celebrated their achievements, and act as an incentive to qualify for future trips. Attendees take great pride in collecting and sharing these albums with friends, family and associates.

To complete production and assembly of approximately 375 albums (750 attendees) in the course of a five-day incentive trip. Albums are distributed to individuals at their tables during their final night gala.




The scenic images of the trip locale require a pre-event shoot of generally 3-4 days. The meeting planner chooses which scenic photos to include in the books, and then those photos are printed in advance.


The primary challenge is volume versus time.

Photos of guests are taken at the numerous venues during the trip, then they are edited and formatted by Photoshop artists, transferred to media for transport to a local pre-contracted photo lab where prints will be made. The prints must be quality checked and then transported back to the edit location where they are then individually sorted individually using a face recognition system. 3-4 editors spend up to 14 hours a day identifying the appropriate images to go in each album, matching the correct images to the qualifying FA and their guest, some of whom share the same last name. The 5 x 7 prints are then arranged into a an aesthetically pleasing order before before being assembled.

In order to produce, edit, print, sort and assemble 375 albums (7500 5” x 7” color photos) in five days there is just no substitute for experienced, skilled, motivated staff. Utilizing return staff is extremely helpful with individual face recognition in the sorting process.

The process from beginning to end has been honed and refined over the course of twenty-five years to specifically meet the needs of our clients.

Albums are distributed to individuals at their tables during their final night banquet. This maximizes the impact of the albums and encourages sharing of photos, memories and experiences of the preceding five days between attendees. In order to accomplish this, a seating chart of the entire ballroom is made and names of individuals at each table collected once seated. A team of fifteen production staff supplemented by fifteen additional hotel staff are then assigned tables, locate and organize the albums for their tables and on cue make a grand entrance into the ballroom with albums carried on silver trays by hotel staff. Typically the album distribution coincides with the grand finale of the multimedia presentation, building the evening’s activities (and the trip as a whole) to a huge, final crescendo.

The same overriding tenet holds true for photo albums as for the multimedia show - never include photographs that are anything but complimentary, tasteful and that an individual will be proud to show to others.


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